1st July 2021

Your education’s geo-exchange energy solution

Campus-wide geo-exchange solution 

From lecture halls, to student housing, food service, and even sports centres, your energy requirements can be as complex as your students. Erda Energy specialises in providing solutions that integrate the needs of your entire campus to share resources, capture waste energy, decrease cost, and reduce your carbon footprint. By using the earth like a battery Erda captures waste energy and stores it for use when and where you need it. Whether it’s the daily heating and cooling of a lecture theatre, the hot water demands for your residential buildings, or critical climate stability in research facilities, Erda integrates the demands of your campus to create an intelligent energy model that deploys appropriate resources as needed. Best of all, Erda Energy solutions can get your institution on track to a zero-carbon future. As students and employees become more and more discerning in their decision making, it has never been more important to enhance your brand profile as a thought leader shaping our energy future.

How it works

Our innovative technology harnesses the natural energy of the earth. Using patented directional borehole arrays that use the ground like a battery, we actively manage otherwise wasted energy resources and put them to work where and when you need them. What makes us different is that our installations are not only smarter and perform better than traditional arrays, we integrate them into a suite of technological innovations that magnify the effect and consider the energy requirements of your entire operation.

Changing the way we use energy 

Erda Energy is pioneering technology to reliably save energy, money, and reduce carbon impact. With the added urgency of a changing climate, the need for innovative solutions to our consumption challenges has never been greater. Erda Energy’s proven, patented technologies rely on simple concepts that stand the test of time. By creating agile deployment approaches and customized solutions, we defy the status quo. With offices in the UK and US, Erda Energy is well positioned to understand the changing landscape of the global renewable energy market and maintain a leadership position in providing superior technology and support. Imagine what we can do together.


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