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Sharing is smarter

Turn your building into an energy asset with Erda, by sharing the supply and demands of your building across a community network.

Dynamic Systems of Energy

Communities are defined by sharing: they share infrastructure, culture, ideas, values and resources. Using our Erda | share technology, we build on this idea, and share energy demands and build a community energy system.

By sharing data about each building’s energy, Erda | share matches buildings’ heating and cooling energy demands to buildings with a surplus, and then allocates those resources to achieve a smarter balance. We maximise efficiency and lower costs for all participants, and we create value from resources you didn’t even know you had.


Patented “share” technology enables Erda Energy to get the best from an integrated energy network, where a diverse range of buildings are connected with the aim of reducing primary energy use, cost and carbon impact.

Individual buildings are already complex in their energy demands – so it seems like adding more buildings creates more waste – not with Erda. We look first at the needs of the individual building, then at the balance of the network, injecting multiple energy sinks and maximising resources around the network.

Erda | share is not a traditional “single vector” energy transaction where heat energy is sent out from one end of a network and back, but a network of dynamic energy balances which can be swapped or re-directed to suit the real-time needs of the network’s connected users.

For example – the energy rejected from food retail, data centres of even offices which have cooling can be recovered for use as the base energy which can be applied back into the community energy network.

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Connect to be smarter

By creating connected integrated energy networks, Erda Energy’s solutions are changing the way our communities use and store energy – and every building in that community can play a part. Heating and cooling energy is a two-way street – what you take for heating one building generates cooling for another, and what you don’t need after cooling is valuable heat. What you don’t need at the time is stored in the earth and retrieved when you do.

Imagine a residential development needing heating, just across the road from a supermarket needing year-round cooling for food products. In a connected thermal network, we harness the waste heat produced in the supermarket cooling processes and share it with the residential buildings, which in turn removes heat and returns usable cooling energy to the supermarket.

The power of Erda | share lies in the flexibility and resiliency created at both the building and community level. Linking multiple sinks and sources of energy creates a range of symbiotic relationships between your buildings and enables Erda | deep to function in its most dynamic state – storing and managing the deployment of multiple energy loads across hours, days, weeks and years.

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