We provide a full suite of services from initial consultation through design and delivery to aftercare, making sure you’re taking advantage of your energy opportunities.


Erda delivers unique solutions in a way that ensures the technology continues to operate at its full potential for the whole of its life-cycle.

Whether we sell a system or retain ownership and operate on behalf of a client, we believe that optimal performance from design to aftercare is essential to every Erda Energy solution.



Our technologies are designed to meet changing demands in the energy market.

Erda Energy systems are delivered under a technology licence via traditional procurement methods or with a number of flexible financing options with an array of asset ownership arrangements. We have successfully deployed solutions with full financing from our capital partners and performance guarantees from top UK utilities, as well as client-owned systems, with a full suite of aftercare services.

Complementing our technical expertise, Erda Energy can draw from a combined 60 years of corporate and real-estate finance experience. With in-house expertise and resources, we will work with you to identify the ideal structure for your requirements. We can cut through the complexity and deliver a solution that directly addresses your business goals; whether that is ameliorating the upfront capital cost of the installation, de-risking the construction phase or monetising complex incentive schemes across a portfolio of properties in diverse regulatory regimes.



The way we approach design sets us apart and is at the heart of what we do.

We begin with data – By gathering historical consumption data or energy model projections, we identify ways in which these energy demands might be reduced or re-profiled, as well as looking for untapped complementary energy sources. Only then do we draw on our expertise and portfolio of technologies to create a bespoke solution targeted towards energy reduction and cost efficiency.

We look beyond the obvious energy sources and sinks of traditional systems, and extend our analysis to other contributors to your energy profile such as lighting, ventilation, insulation and load consolidation. In addition, we evaluate other sources of thermal or electrical energy which might be specific to your site – using water from rivers or lakes or air sources, for example.

Once a basic design is in place, we use our proprietary simulation tool to accurately model the geo-exchange solution, in harmony with industry tools like TAS / IES or Energy Pro, to arrive at an optimal balance. Design flexibility is also built in, to respond to changing environmental conditions like hot summers and long winters, by integrating Erda balance tools from our IP portfolio like Erda | cool and Erda | boost, as well as other industry tools.

We end with data. Once a design is accepted and delivered, we continually gather, monitor and verify energy consumption and optimise systems using Erda | smart, which also gives the client full transparency into their energy system.



Delivery of technology to suit your construction needs and supply chain.

Translating our energy-saving designs from paper to installation takes experience and knowledge. That’s why Erda Energy has a combination of in-house delivery skills and a trusted supply chain network to ensure a smooth, efficient delivery.

Working with a broad supply chain gives us flexibility to work on a project-by-project basis or scale easily to a large community network. Our in-house expertise allows solutions to be delivered as part of any professional team with a continued focus on efficiency and cost reduction.

Our installations are undertaken from a safety-first perspective, both for the protection of people, and to reduce business risk. From initial delivery to ongoing aftercare, the need for safe and secure processes is woven into our way of thinking. The flexibility of our geo-exchange solutions, which can be delivered where traditional “GSHP” systems cannot, coupled with our experience and creative thinking, always means a safe delivery.



Our relationship with you doesn’t end at delivery.

Buildings are constructed on a long-term horizon. This means that their energy systems need to be reliable, and respond to future changing energy requirements and continuing efforts towards carbon reduction. With an Erda Energy solution in place, enduring aftercare is part of the design, ensuring lasting system reliability and allowing system optimisation that offers flexibility and efficiency.

Our business is structured to offer that long-term aftercare, which is about more than just a “soft landing”. We encourage the planning and commissioning of an aftercare solution before the delivery is complete, which can include services such as regular seasonal re-commissioning, remote system monitoring and early-warning alarm functions. By planning to address the expected, while looking for the unexpected, we reduce your risk and ensure the smooth reliable operation of your energy system.

Our proprietary software, Erda | smart, can be implemented to offer transparency into your system and monitor the operation and carbon performance of your system automatically. It will regularly report the key metrics which indicate the successful operation of your system, which will allow year-on-year reliable operation.

The Erda Impact

Measuring what we do – so we can calculate impact.

Understanding how we use energy means we can make better decisions for our businesses, and the planet. Let’s work toward a zero-carbon future together.

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