Working towards a Zero-Carbon Future

We believe a zero-carbon future is within reach. We know what’s possible with our technology and we’ve got the big picture in mind.

Responsible Energy Use

Erda Energy uses the energy of the earth to create customised energy solutions that allow buildings to reliably save energy and money, and reduce carbon impact. We believe that dramatically reducing energy waste is not just possible, it’s the right thing to do. With the added urgency of a changing climate, the need for innovative solutions to our energy challenges has never been greater.

Erda Energy’s proven, patented technology sets us apart in the industry. Our constant innovation and agile approach to technology deployment allows us to create solutions which defy the status quo. We are working to change the way that energy is generated, used, distributed and stored across society. Our thought leadership is contributing to a more sustainable future.

With offices in the UK and US, Erda Energy are well positioned to understand the changing landscape of the global renewable energy market as well as the vagaries of on-the-ground local installation challenges.

ERDA [air-da]

A Norse goddess, Erda is of the earth, dwelling underground where her plentiful fountain of wisdom waters the roots of the world tree “Yggdrasil” and nurtures all life on planet earth.


Whatever your business, our suite of technologies are designed to create the best solution to your energy needs. Based on harnessing the renewable energy of the earth, they can be retro-fitted to existing infrastructure, or implemented at the conceptual stage of new-build projects.


Full-service solutions

Erda can provide a full suite of services to make sure your energy solutions are correctly implemented, so you can experience the benefits the moment they are switched on.

Meet the team

Our years of experience in buildings, clean energy and finance mean that we have a deep well of knowledge and demonstrate a personal commitment to sustainable innovation.

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Erda Energy are focused on clean energy solutions and working towards a zero-carbon future.

Building on the strong heritage and innovation of Geoscart from Greenfield Energy Group, we have acquired proven, patented technologies and retained the experienced individuals necessary to provide solutions that fill the gap in the global market for low-carbon heating, cooling and geo-exchange technology.

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