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Opportunities are everywhere. Erda Energy is your integrated energy solutions partner – we drive efficiency, cost savings and carbon reductions that stretch across industries.


Energy use underpins every industry; it is essential to your business. From the heating and cooling requirements of agriculture and manufacturing processes to the diverse climate control needs of the hospitality industry, energy use defines society’s most essential commercial activities.

Within the unique demands and dynamics of your business we see opportunities; sources and sinks of energy that can be integrated and optimised to bring about a step change in your operations.

We are redefining how heating and cooling energy is generated, utilised, stored and distributed across the built environment. Let us redefine your project – contact us today!

Erda Energy builds bespoke solutions to meet your energy fingerprint and reduce your carbon footprint. We develop solutions that address the specific energy needs of your business, building or community. We’re currently working on projects with clients, partners and academics.


Manufacturing processes already use many and varied temperature-reliant systems within advanced / high-tech manufacturing facilities, and are embracing the 3rd and even 4th wave of the industrial revolution. Erda Energy embodies the advancement in this sector, providing energy which is smart, integrated and renewable.

Hotel and Leisure

Hoteliers work hard to increase their operating profit and Erda technology delivers energy-efficient installations that reduce your operating expenses. Tackling the separation of heating / cooling and the inefficiency of fossil fuel-based systems, Erda Energy reduces waste, thereby increasing your operating profits. The flexibility of Erda | deep makes this a truly universal solution which can be scaled across your chain or franchise, translating carbon reductions directly to your green tourism credentials.


Office buildings need heating and they need cooling. Erda technologies help you find a seasonal balance which prevents you having to waste fossil fuel energy in winter, and waste electrical energy for cooling in summer. By integrating the two demands and using the earth to time-shift your energy needs – you realise you no longer have to waste energy.


Speculative or pre-let, you need to set your development apart from the competition. Erda technology will not only reduce your energy cost, improve energy ratings and increase the £/sqft return, it will also free the roof from noise, flues and mechanical plant. Erda technology at the core of your energy strategy delivers immediate returns.


We look at your existing infrastructure, gain insight into your energy needs and apply our knowledge to implement technology that will impact your bottom line.

Our technologies are a game-changer. While we work directly with individual businesses to drastically reduce energy waste, we’re also working toward large-scale change. By creating integrated energy networks, Erda’s solutions will redefine the way communities use and store energy.

Imagine a residential development with high-load heating needs. Next door, a technology data centre may have cooling needs that are equally significant and energy-intensive. With integrated energy networks, the data centre can harness the waste heat produced in its cooling processes and share it with the residential buildings, which can in turn remove the heat and return usable cooling energy to the data centre.

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