The more we know about energy performance, the more efficient we make our energy solutions.

Experience + Data = Insights

We know that while our technology solutions rely on the steady energy of the earth, every application is different and can add to our reservoir of knowledge and experience. That means we’re constantly adapting to changing energy and market demands and getting smarter every day. With our deep knowledge of energy solutions for healthcare, education, retail and communities, imagine how we can change the way you think about your energy needs.

Erda Energy has the experience of a broad range of technology solutions ready to deploy to varied solutions. Adding the data we accumulate from each new installation or technology to that experience yields insights that continue to innovate us and our technology.

These insights help Erda Energy respond to changing energy and market demands and produce better solutions everyday.


Our graphic uses a combination of real data from Erda systems matched to electrical grid carbon intensity from around the world. The diagram shows how using Erda systems in specific areas globally will reduce your energy input and your carbon output when compared with a range of other heating technologies. Use the drop-down options below to explore different locations and technologies.

Data Insights

Energy Demand

All systems are driven by consumer demand at any given time. Satisfying demand in an energy-efficient way will reduce our carbon impact.

Erda’s System

Erda’s energy systems capture waste energy and integrate renewable energy sources, using as little primary energy as possible for a more efficient approach.

Erda’s Carbon Output

Primary electrical energy x real-time primary fuel (Grid) factor = Carbon emission. Carbon emission ÷ energy demand = system carbon content.

Energy Systems

Business-as-usual heating is always less than 100% efficient. It always uses more primary energy than is needed to meet demand, so there is always waste, and always inefficiency.

Primary Fuel Carbon Output”

Primary Fuel Energy x Primary Fuel Factor = Carbon Emissions. Carbon emissions ÷ energy demand = system carbon content.

5.7 2.93 13.8 219 641 38.2 16.8 20.4 82% 216 4,414 263
LAST UPDATED | 12 Jun 2024 15:20 GMT
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Systems are complex, and it’s not always clear what the relative merits of the whole system are with respect to the carbon footprint. The system carbon content metric is the only one which normalises the key characteristics of each system; efficiency and carbon content of the primary fuel.

This is the amount of carbon emitted for every kWh of heating energy delivered, and allows you to truly compare systems.

Our chart tracks the carbon content of heat generated by Erda systems operating on various electrical grids compared with alternative virtual heating technologies. The decarbonisation of electrical grids combined with Erda Energy’s efficient operations will make a zero-carbon future possible.



LAST UPDATED | 11 JUN 2017 | 15:40 BST 100 Jan 2017 gC O 2 /kW h 250 gC O 2 /kW h Erda system Primary Energy system

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The Detail in the Data

A carbon reduction strategy relies heavily on future projections; it makes sense to be well versed in its history.

Historical data is critical in establishing a reliable baseline to understand system performance and create projections that model on innovation and improvement. Complexities and interdependencies of systems make this process challenging; that’s why Erda uses both historical data and our experience to create future modelling that you can act on now.

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