Impact you can measure

Erda’s innovative technologies mean real impact from the moment it’s switched on. You can measure that impact by looking at cost, energy use and carbon reductions.

Commercial Impact

We apply advanced technology to a simple concept – the constant temperature and insulating capacity of the earth beneath our feet. We think of it as a valuable, sustainable resource that should be developed, managed and leveraged into the energy mix.

Integrating Erda technology into your heating and cooling energy needs will unlock this resource and yield consistent annual cost savings. By actively managing your Erda system, the cost savings can continue to grow year after year.

Competitive investment

Erda technology does more with the natural thermal energy sources around us – and within the earth. Thanks to Erda | deep, our geo-exchange solutions are cost-competitive with energy and carbon-intensive alternatives like CHP, gas boilers and biomass.

By producing cooling energy, reducing waste, using storage and time-shifting applications, we work smarter to deliver efficiency in both energy and initial capital costs.

Smart investment

Erda Energy systems are designed to deliver both immediate and growing returns on your investment by eliminating waste and harnessing renewable energy to reduce your primary energy spend. Fossil fuel-based technologies are at peak efficiency on day one, and degrade from there.

Operating with Erda | smart, your asset grows in efficiency year on year, improving the value of your investment.

Secure investment

With a data-first approach that uses real-time information and historical evidence, ongoing Measurement & Verification of Erda systems is in our DNA, and is what ensures the performance of your investment is continually optimised and secure.

With flexible support packages tailored to suit your needs, complementing or integrating with your existing supply chain, Erda Energy has the long-term stability to ensure your system makes a positive long-term Impact.

Energy Impact

A fundamentally different approach to fossil-fuel combustion technologies – heat pumps have the ability to deliver more energy than the work required to make it happen – that’s why we don’t discuss this technology in terms of % efficiency, which is less than 100%, but as a Coefficient of Performance – which is a multiple of 1.

The devil is always in the detail, and at Erda Energy our attention to the detail and resulting marginal gains in energy efficiency add up. Our understanding of the application and active analysis and management of energy systems can lead to year-on-year energy efficiency impact.

Our independently verified data shows the energy impact made by just some of the Erda Energy technology in operation today.


  • Heating CoP:

  • Energy Impact:

  • Measured and verified heat pump efficiency provided as part of a wider geo-exchange system.
  • Heat pumps use less energy than a traditional fossil-fuel system wastes via the flue.
  • Erda Energy technologies harness and store multiple sources of thermal energy, increasing the scope to improve efficiency.
  • Integration with other established and renewable energy systems is possible and encouraged.
  • Reduced cooling costs using the stable temperature of the earth when used within a geo-exchange context.
  • Read why we have confidence in our numbers.
The Erda way of providing heating uses some primary electric energy with the remainder coming from the earth Gas heating Heatingdemand Erdaenergy Electric GWh GWh GWh GWh GWh 0 GWh 0 GWh 0 GWh 0 0 0 0 0 LAST UPDATED | 11 JUN 2017 | 15:40 BST

Carbon Impact

As a society, we need to find ways to decarbonise heating and cooling. Already, electrical grids around the world are getting cleaner as more and more renewable technologies feed in. Erda technologies harness renewable heating and cooling energies to complement green electrical grids and create low-carbon heating and cooling systems.

Making informed decisions about how to reduce your carbon intensity for heating can be difficult, as policy and regulations are quickly outdated in a rapidly changing energy market.

That’s why we believe in impact you can measure and have consolidated energy industry data to visualise what has happened, what is happening, and the impact Erda Energy are making on the decarbonisation of our heating and cooling.

Erda carbon vs Business as usual

  • System Carbon Content

  • Carbon


Using data from Elexon, UK, and just some of the operational Erda Energy solutions, we can show what the true carbon footprint of our solutions has been, and provide a good estimate of what that would have been with traditional combustion technologies.

  • The UK National Grid has dramatically reduced its carbon content – reductions which you can take advantage of to decarbonise heating and cooling energy.
  • The yearly average “heating system carbon content”, as part of an Erda geo-exchange system, is significantly less than that of a gas-boiler system.
  • Read why we have confidence in our numbers.
LAST UPDATED | 11 JUN 2017 | 15:40 BST The Erda way of reducing carbon emissions Carbon output for Erda system tCO 2 ERDA: tCO 2 Carbon output for gas system GAS: 0.00 0.00 GWh 0 GWh 0

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