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Overheating or underheating sensitive areas is not acceptable in a healthcare environment - Erda brings reliability.


Overheating is as much a problem as underheating in care settings, where your clients are most susceptible to temperature fluctuations. That’s why Erda’s solutions are such a good fit; we deliver smart, energy-efficient systems that are dependable and use the earth to store otherwise ‘wasted’ energy for future use.

Providing simultaneous heating and cooling needs has real energy cost implications. With Erda, the energy used in winter to provide heating can be reused in summer as cooling – take advantage of long periods of free cooling powered by Erda technology.

Regardless of the intricacies of your energy needs, we can provide dependable and efficient energy outcomes so you can focus on patient care.


Healthcare providers can benefit from campus-style arrangements where we can implement a range of proprietary Erda technologies to meet the complex energy needs of your care setting.

From harnessing the energy potential of multiple sources and sinks, to maximising the energy from on-site chillers used in operating theatres or sterile units, Erda recovers the waste energy while optimising the efficiency of your cooling plant.

Bringing all these needs together is what Erda Energy does best, making energy visible to all, giving you the power to control it, and do so much more.

With over 60 years of combined operating and performance data from Erda systems in the field, it’s easy to see how buildings with diverse heating and cooling needs, when connected through an integrated energy network, can rely on each other rather than fossil fuels. We are already seeing the rise of connected thermal energy networks, where multiple users consume energy from a single source of heating. Our vision to replace old fossil fuel-burning equipment with Erda technology is a win-win for everyone — energy use is reduced, costs are reduced and our carbon impact approaches zero.

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Integrating the best of clean energy

Erda | smart looks at the strengths and weaknesses of multiple energy sources that are part of your energy infrastructure, and uses our proprietary technology to compensate in real time to maximise output.

There’s no solar energy without the sun, and no wind energy without the wind – but the earth is always there … That’s why we want to store the excess energy in times of surplus to be able to draw on it in times of scarcity.

By integrating Erda | deep into your energy network, you can store heating and cooling energy in the earth like a battery, compensating for the intermittent nature of some renewable electricity. Erda | smart is the intelligent controller, managing, measuring and dispatching the energy, tying all your energy systems together, making sure it’s a win for the grid and a win for your clean energy needs.

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