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Some products need to stay frozen, others warm; that’s why heating, cooling and refrigeration are at the very core of your business needs.


The Erda Energy team have pioneered geo-exchange solutions for HVAC/R in the food retail sector since 2010. By its nature, food retail has high-use intensity heating, cooling and refrigeration demands and we know how critical smart energy-saving solutions are in an industry of tight margins.

Erda’s approach to integrating the refrigeration, heating and cooling functions in food retail has been a game-changer. Refrigeration systems can consume over 40% of your store’s energy needs, and all that energy is converted to waste heating energy, which you pay to throw away. Erda technologies can use this energy in real time to meet the demands of other systems, or store it in the earth for use when you really need it.


Key to the success of Erda Energy in the food retail sector has been the understanding gained of the energy demands for heating and retail refrigeration.

On the heating side we supply all of the needs of the supermarket (sometimes there is no gas supply to the site) for space heating and domestic hot water, giving us incredible insight into the detailed demands across these services, and how these are impacted by other in-store energy needs like refrigeration, lights, and the shoppers themselves.

We can see in detail the cause and effect of changes in these areas and how they influence energy consumption. By understanding these systems, we can make the marginal gains which, year on year, continue to allow us to better manage heating and cooling, and reduce overall energy consumption.

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Balanced energy for complex systems

Retail installations typically have multiple heating and cooling needs that require more energy than a typical building. In addition, there are extreme temperature needs often right next to each other – You need energy to keep the peas in your freezers frozen, and the beans on your shelves warm. This need for energy is rarely balanced – Erda | cool finds that balance for you.

You have to keep the frozen food frozen over night, but your supermarket is closed so you don’t want to heat it. Normally all the energy required to keep goods frozen is thrown away as it’s not needed. Erda technologies allow you to store what energy you don’t need overnight to use when you do need it in the morning and throughout the next day, week or even year.

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