26th March 2020

Erda’s Response to Operating at Net Zero

What is Net Zero Operational Carbon? We often hear this phrase but what does it mean and how do we reach it? Can net zero be achieved across different sectors in the UK and globally?

An industry group in the UK developed a 10-point pathway to try to define and show how net zero could be reached. The pathway lays out the necessary steps that should be followed and implemented into the design and monitoring of energy systems in new buildings. For many, these ideas may be foreign, but some companies have already been on this road toward net zero for many years.

Throughout the past decade Erda Energy has been developing a range of unique solutions, which now play an important role in helping clients achieving net zero operational carbon.

Proven geo-exchange technology paired with our Erda | smart™ platform has aided clients reducing thermal and electrical energy demand while also eliminating the use of fossil fuels. Our smart monitoring leads to a deeper understanding of our systems which allows better operation and control strategies to be implemented, helping our clients continually reduce their carbon footprint.

Erda’s expertise working across sectors allows for a large range of clients to be able to meet their energy targets and the UK’s goal of all new buildings operating at net zero by 2030.

Keeping up with the latest energy trends has been no issue for Erda, designed for the future, Erda continues to have the necessary technology and services in place to be a leader in net zero solutions.

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