2nd August 2023

System Carbon Content of Erda’s heat

The Erda | smart™ dashboard gives insight into Erda’s geo-exchange system and is designed to enable users to explore the data through different performance metrics. It exemplifies Erda’s progress towards achieving net zero emissions, enhancing transparency and ensuring accountability.

This dashboard metric is the carbon content figure, which displays the average Carbon Content of Heat (CCH) generated by Erda systems across the UK. CCH is displayed as a monthly figure, defined as CO2 emissions per kWh of heating generated. In the calculation, Erda uses live data from the national grid for the whole UK, collected at 5 minute intervals and applies it to live heat pump electrical consumption data, to produce carbon emissions on a 5 minute basis. The 5 minute emissions and thermal calculations are converted from a 5 minute basis to hourly averages, or kilowatt hours (kWh).

To calculate the monthly CCH value, we begin by using the hourly figures and adding them up for the entire month. The resulting total is then divided by the total monthly thermal energy production to determine the CO2 emitted per kWh of heating delivered or the Carbon Content of Heat (CCH) figure. This figure represents the amount of CO2 emitted per kWh of heating energy or CO2/kWh in a given month and is the value displayed on the dashboard.


    We update our carbon content figure on the first of every month. Be sure to check in with the link below to stay up to speed with the net zero progression of Erda’s geo-exchange heating.

    Sam Rees
    Erda Data Engineer

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