15th March 2024

Success is in the Data

Data drives success.

The success of any renewable energy system relies on data. While a great design and delivery of a project is essential, ensuring their efficient operation is equally crucial for a system – and to do this we need data.

Data is only as good as its quality.  

At Erda we have over a decade of experience monitoring geo-exchange systems, this equates to nearly 200 years of data across our portfolio of sites.

We carefully monitor and record system variables into a bespoke monitoring platform called Erda | smart™.

We carry out thorough checks on values recorded across all our sites on a regular basis. Our check consists of making sure the data meets the following criteria:








    Confidence in the data, leads to an accurate understanding of the system.

    We measure all areas across our sites to give a holistic view of the performance. We benchmark consumption, create KPI’s, and visualise our measurements  to understand the full picture.

    With this understanding, we can implement changes to  further improve the efficiency and maximise heat delivery. Using data we can track the results of these changes, and demonstrate if the changes had a positive impact on our system. And  instances where improvements are not achieved provide valuable insights for learning.

    At Erda Energy, we believe in the importance of sharing data and outcomes for the ongoing success of geo-exchange systems, as well as to support the success of net zero goals and carbon reduction strategies. Any barriers to information sharing can detrimentally affect building performance and the long-term success of both the system along with the building itself.

    Data has, and continues to stand as the cornerstone of success in our geo-exchange systems. Through ongoing monitoring, analysis, and interpretation, we harness its power to drive system efficiency, maximise performance, and help achieve our clients sustainability goals.

    Rachel Feeney
    Erda Energy Manager

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