11th June 2024

Erda’s System Dashboards

Erda Energy continually evolves and refines its operational procedures and reporting mechanisms; the aim is to give clients the ability to check their system’s performance and track any developments.

Figure 1 : Ex. 1  Erda  Dashboard

The introduction of our client specific dashboards marks a significant milestone. Offering a wide range of statistical data, it provides valuable insights into various aspects such as system uptime throughout the week and operational efficiency. Notably, these metrics are highly adaptable, allowing customisation according to user preferences.

Some of the metrics used in the dashboards in several different visualisations and rollups:

– Hours run Hours run

– Coefficient of Performance (CoP)

– Max CoP

– Heat pump contribution

– Thermal energy delivered

-Electrical energy consumption

Figure 2: Ex. 2  Erda Dashboard

The dashboard represents a shift in client interaction, boasting full interactivity and the flexibility for data to become more granular as required. This dynamic feature underscores Erda’s dedication to delivering comprehensive insights, tailored to each client’s unique needs.

This innovative dashboard demonstrates Erda’s dedication to leading the industry, establishing new standards and driving the progress. It serves as yet another testament to our pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Sam Rees
Erda Data Engineer

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