2nd November 2022

Erda’s geo-exchange technology pushes University of Sheffield closer to Net Zero goal

Erda Energy continues to deploy low carbon heating technology in the education sector with their latest installation set to supply heating and cooling to the new world-class Faculty of Social Sciences Building at The University of Sheffield (TUoS).

The University’s geo-exchange system contains an Erda | deep array made up of 15 heat exchangers, which use the Earth as a thermal battery. These exchangers capture waste energy and store it in the ground for when the building needs it. Whether it’s the daily heating and cooling of a lecture theatre or keeping the faculty at the optimal temperature for research, Erda has designed a smart energy solution to meet the demand.

Fig. 1 Erda loop at TuoS

This building is set to open to faculty and students in Spring 2023 and, with its other sustainable features, plans to be zero-carbon. With Erda’s smart controls and innovative technology, we can ensure the building only uses thermal energy it needs, supplying it as efficiently as possible. Erda is excited to support TUoS as they continue on the path to a Net Zero future.

As students and employees become more and more aware of what Universities are doing to be sustainable and reduce environmental impact; it has never been more important to develop smart reliable solutions to supply low carbon heating and cooling to your campus.

Rachel Feeney
Erda Energy Manager

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