1st February 2024

Erda’s 2023 Carbon Content of Heat

The graphic below developed by Erda Energy shows the organisation’s daily Carbon Content of Heat (CCH), which is defined as the amount of carbon emitted per kWh of heat generated. The purpose of this graphic is to provide a visual representation of the correlation between Erda’s primary energy consumption and the associated carbon emissions of the National Grid throughout the year.

The colour-coded graph highlights instances when Erda systems have emitted more carbon per kWh of heating in red and emitted less in green. These variations are attributed to factors such as increased energy demands during winter or shifts in the National Grid’s reliance on fossil fuels. External factors, such as storm surges impacting wind turbine energy production also contribute to the observed fluctuations of the grid’s carbon emissions.

By offering a more granular perspective compared to the monthly view on the Erda smart dashboard, this visualisation enables Erda to discern patterns and trends more effectively.

Fig. 1 Erda’s CCH 

This graphic serves as a valuable tool for showing the advancement of our systems. It serves as a method to track the progress of Erda’s low carbon heating and visually represent the journey toward achieving net zero heating and cooling.

We encourage you to regularly check our website for updates and new features as we strive to keep you informed on the net zero progression of Erda’s heating and cooling.

Sam Rees
Erda Data Engineer

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