30th August 2022

Erda shows stripes with new dashboard feature

Developed by climate scientist Professor Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading, the stripes plot uses a simple graphic to highlight the change in average temperature over recent years. This figure was the starting point for the show-your-stripes campaign, which encouraged the sharing of stripes plots to social media, and encouraged conversations focused on the climate crisis and the sharing of accurate and simple data, rather than the mess of confusing – and often contradictory – climate data which can be found elsewhere.

Fig. 1 Global warming stripes

Figure 1 shows the climate distribution for the globe as a whole via a stripes curve. This simple graphic highlights the variations in global temperature in a simple, easy-to-understand way. This campaign was instrumental in making climate data more accessible and pushing for greater transparency when it comes to both private and public sector carbon emissions.

At Erda, we have always been passionate about showing the real-time impact of our systems. As such, we have taken on board the ethos of the show-your-stripes campaign in our new dashboard.

With this feature, you will be able to see the progression of our system’s carbon emissions, from day one of operation to the present day.

We are constantly making efforts to reduce pump electricity consumption, minimize parasitic power and increase heat pump CoP with optimal flow temperatures from our Erda | deep hydraulic circuits.  Using data from Erda | smart and new, cutting-edge control and design techniques, we are constantly improving the efficiency of our geo-exchange technology while benefiting from the greening of the electricity grid.

Fig. 2 Erda | smart show-your-stripes dashboard

These efforts are reflected in the figures seen on our new dashboard feature, which shows Erda’s stripes (Figure 2). The peak carbon emission from Erda’s geo-exchange technology since the beginning of system operation is 138gCO2 /kWh. For context, a theoretical gas boiler operating at 100% efficiency would emit 185gCO2/kWh, and in practice a gas boiler system will emit closer to 203gCO2/kWh. This year, Erda’s peak carbon emission was 50gCO2/kWh, a reduction of over 60% against our own technology, and over 75% when compared to an operational gas boiler system.

The new, easy-to-use Erda show-your-stripes feature allows clients to see our progress as we near the net-zero target of 2050, while looking back at the progress we’ve made over the years. This dashboard feature will also make it easier for us at Erda to examine our own successes and failures when it comes to reducing our carbon emissions.

This is just the first of many exciting and innovative features coming soon to the Erda smart dashboard as we endeavor to further demonstrate the impact and importance of our technology and allow clients and potential clients to understand how Erda technology can benefit their heating and cooling.

Remember to check back often for new dashboard features and to stay up to date on Erda’s journey to delivering net zero heating and cooling.

Explore Erda’s stripes in the dashboard with the link below.

James Daly
Erda Project Engineer

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