20th September 2017

Erda Energy Launches Unique Geo-Exchange Technology in the U.S.

Erda Energy, today announced the introduction of its portfolio of “geo-exchange” technologies to the U.S. market. Erda’s U.S. launch comes as thousands of global climate leaders have descended on New York to plan the next generation of climate and energy solutions.

Erda Energy’s geo-exchange technologies, already deployed in the UK, can help retail stores, hospitals, universities and entire communities cut annual HVAC energy usage on average by 80%.

“Erda Energy is bringing a range of innovative, efficient and smart geo-exchange technologies to the rapidly developing US market,” said Kevin Stickney, managing director of Erda Energy’s London office . “Our top priority is to reduce energy waste, cost and environmental impact for our clients, thereby changing the way our world uses heating and cooling energy. We’re excited to come to the US at a time when the need for effective distributed energy systems like Erda’s has never been greater.”

Erda Energy’s patented coaxial inclined borehole technology harnesses the energies created in heating and cooling processes, feeding this back into a building in real time, or storing it for later use as needs fluctuate. The result is a closed loop system that provides heating, cooling and storage of energy on a more efficient basis than traditional technologies.

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