At Erda Energy, we believe it’s our responsibility to offer clean energy solutions that will lead us toward a net zero-carbon future.

Digital Strategy Leader

Full-time - UK

Job Description

Erda Energy is pioneering technology to reliably save energy, money, and reduce carbon impact. With the added urgency of a changing climate, the need for innovative solutions to our consumption challenges has never been greater. Erda Energy’s proven, patented technologies rely on simple concepts that stand the test of time. By creating agile deployment approaches and customised solutions, we defy the status quo.

With offices in the UK and US, Erda Energy is well positioned to understand the changing landscape of the global renewable energy market and maintain a leadership position in providing superior technology.

To support this ambition, Erda is seeking a Digital Strategy Leader that has a focus in smart energy management to support the Team and the logistics of our exciting projects. You will have a strong analytical background, and hands-on experience gaining insights into systems operating, digital processes – control in a smarter way using tools such as weather predictions, energy pricing predictions, carbon content predictions. To improve efficiency, reduce costs and reduce carbon.

Key Responsibilities

  • Will work as a team player, working alongside our Head of Erda | smart  and Data Analyst
  • Lead, drive forward and contribute to the Company’s digital strategy and technology initiatives
  • Identify, evaluate, and recommend technology, products solutions and services
  • Work with Erda’s clients to elicit requirements and develop design specifications
  • Introduce technology trends and drive innovation in technology and solution delivery strategies.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Should be familiar with a wide range of programming languages, in particular C#
  • A wide range of communication skills broad enough to work with academics or installing contractors

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We need you to upload your CV for your application to be considered.

We need you to upload your CV for your application to be considered.

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