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Erda Energy have the solutions to make your campus as smart as your faculty and students, with a range of technologies to improve your energy systems and ensure everyone is constantly learning.


Erda connects the heating and cooling needs of your building or entire campus with the stability of the earth’s energy to bring healthy, sustainable buildings within reach.

Using real-time energy monitoring and management, Erda Energy can ensure that your buildings will become smarter, and learn to function within the community – saving you money and positioning you as a steward of the environment.


Campus-style educational institutions have multiple heating and cooling needs like lecture halls, residential and dining facilities. Erda Energy perform a detailed analysis of energy demands to build solutions that minimise energy waste.

Our solutions are specifically targeted to capture and store cold energy for year-round cooling use – optimising the free-cooling potential, and introducing complementary technologies to best use other energy sources that might exist, like a solar thermal array.

We capture surplus or waste energy in times of abundance using the earth like a battery, so that we can later deploy it to boost energy systems in times of need. When we’re looking at complex systems that have diverse energy requirements, Erda’s intelligent design and technology can exploit these disparities, storing and boosting energy to great effect.

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The earth is a stable, reliable energy source and sink

By integrating this known quantity into your energy solution, Erda can give your system a boost that impacts your bottom line.

It’s like putting sunlight in a jar – or indeed lots of other renewable heating and cooling energy sources! You simply save it for later when you do need it.

A solar heating array may be a great solution for providing renewable energy, but at times there is more energy available than you can use, or not enough when you do need it. Combining renewable energy sources like solar with Erda is like putting that sunlight in a jar for when you need it later.

Erda | boost can be applied to all sorts of waste recovery and renewable heating and cooling energy sources to time-shift energy use and literally boost performance.

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