13th September 2017

Analysis of Performance – from Oxford University

Erda Energy wanted to begin publishing data on the operation of our novel geo-exchange system. We have, and continue to collect, a wealth of data from the operation of our systems. This data allows us to see exactly what’s happening in the supply and demand of heating and cooling energy, and allows us to make operational changes to enhance the system’s overall efficiency. We realise too, that with the data available from Elexon for the operation of the UK electrical grid, we can match our operating data with the carbon emissions attributed to the electrical grid at that time.

We asked Professor Alex Rogers at the Computer Science department of Oxford University to study our data, and comment on the calculation methodologies we have used behind the information presented on our website. We wanted to make sure that the results we display are fair and accurate, given the complexities of the systems we serve, and to give a “static” indication of the benefits which our systems bring to both energy efficiency and carbon footprint. The numbers we present today are dynamic, and therefore change depending on the seasons – but after reading the Professor’s report we hope you agree with the confidence behind the accuracy of what Erda Energy presents.

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